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  • Precision Rubber Control Valve Provides More Precision Rubbe

    Precision dispensing valve is an application accessory of automatic dispensing equipment, which can control the liquid and apply it on the surface or inside of the shell of the mobile phone. It can effectively inject and apply the liquid such as dispe

  • Automatic mixing dispensing valve with controllable multi-ra

    Automatic mixing dispensing valve is a kind of glue valve which can use more than two kinds of glue. There is a kind of glue on the market that needs mixing to solidify. This kind of mixed valve is produced to use this glue. The multi-axis dispensing

  • Introduction of special non-contact spray dispensing valve

    The spray dispensing valve is a kind of fittings that diffuses liquid into tiny particles under the pressure of gas and is discharged by spray. It is widely used in many industries. Atomized spray dispensing valve The spray dispensing valve operates t

  • What is anaerobic rubber valve

    With the continuous expansion of the dispensing industry, more and more types of dispensing equipment are required, and different types of dispensing equipment appear one after another. At present, the dispensing equipment in the dispensing market is